Membership Fees

Membership Subscriptions 2017/18

Membership Subscriptions from July 1st 2017 are listed below and can be taken up now.

Burleigh Golf Club has experienced exceptional membership growth in recent months and as a result we have had to close admissions to Full Membership to prevent overcrowding of competition times on Saturday. Applications are still being received to 6 Day Membership and Limited Membership. In June and July the Club will go through its annual membership renewal process after which we will determine if any vacancies have been created through non-renewals and assess the re-opening of Full Membership.

The amounts listed below is the total payable including GST, and includes the Levy for affiliation with Golf Australia, Golf QLD and District.

Burleigh Golf Club presently has no joining fee.

Membership Category

Subs & Golf Levy

7 Day


6 Day






Restricted (category closed)


Senior (category closed)


Youth 18 years


Youth 19


Youth 20


Youth 21


Youth 22


Youth 23


Youth 24






14 Months for the Price of 12 Months

Golfing membership is now 14 months from the price of 12, from 1 May 2018. Join between now and June 30 and you will be joining for the 2018/19 Membership Year. You will receive the balance of this membership year for free. The sooner you join, the more free membership you receive. 

Payment is required up front.

Cadets are charged $100 subscriptions + $30 insurance for a total of $130

Download a Membership Application Form.

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