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Golf Membership

Due the strong demand for golfing membership at Burleigh Golf Club over the last two years, we currently have a waiting list to join the Club. Membership applications are still being received and golfing memberships will be offered on a "first applied" basis when positions become available. Please contact our Administration Staff to discuss further. 

Members of Burleigh Golf Club join a community of golf enthusiasts in a neighbourly environment that offers more than just golf.

Receive Member discounts for:

Priority access to:

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Burleigh Golf Club has experienced exceptional membership growth in recent months and as a result we have had to close admissions to Full Membership to prevent overcrowding of competition times on Saturday. Full Conditional Membership is open for applications and offers the same membership level with a shorter booking time for Saturday play. (contact the office for more information). 

Applications are still being received for 6 Day Membership and Limited Membership.

Full Membership levels are monitored and reviewed on a monthly basis and members on Full Conditional Membership are the first to be offered Full Membership when available.


Playing Rights

Handicap Maintained

Free Green Fees

Preferred Member Pricing

Full Voting Rights

Eligible to Rent Buggy Shed

Member Discounts

Full*7 daysyesyesyesyesyesyes
6 Day*6 days except Saturdayyesyesyesyesyesyes
Country**7 daysyesyesyesyesyesyes
Limited*7 daysyes

3 mth*7 daysyesyesyes

Youth*7 daysyesyesyes

Junior*6 daysyesyesyes

Cadet*7 daysyesyesyesyes


* conditions apply
** available to persons who reside more than two hundred (200) kms from the club and are active members of another golf club where their Golflink number is valid. 

Download Membership Application Form here or contact us at the club.

Payment Options

Payment plans are offered by the Club, or through a third party company, Pay As You Golf. The product brochure for Pay As You Golf Can be found here.

View Membership Brochure for Pricing and Details here 

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