Management & Board

Board of Directors
PresidentMichael McMullen_______________________
Vice PresidentTroy Bramley
TreasurerViv Grayson
CaptainMark Frawley
Vice-CaptainPeter Evans
DirectorRos Franklin
DirectorRobert Teece
DirectorAshley Heritage
DirectorJim Kaliviotis
Management and Staff
General ManagerIan
Assistant ManagerShane
Course SuperintendantDarryl
Club ProfessionalMatt
Head ChefPaul
Greens CommitteeMichael McMullen (Chair), Mark Frawley, Peter Evans, Robert Teece, Alan Donaldson, John Sackett, Stuart Barker, Darryl Edwards, Matt McLean
Match CommitteeMark Frawley (Chair), Peter Evans, Troy Bramley, Helen Rudinger, John Sackett, Matt McLean
Finance and Administration CommitteeViv Grayson (Chair), Troy Bramley, Jim Kaliviotis, Michael McMullen, Peter Evans, Bob Cronk, Tony Cordner
Membership CommitteeTroy Bramley
House CommitteeAshley Heritage (Chair), Ros Franklin, Jim Kaliviotis
Junior CommitteeRos Franklin (Chair), Matt McLean

All correspondence of the attention of the above Committees should be emailed to: